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Ascension Assistant
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Going in all ways contrary to the world; the Hanged Man looks inside himself for his truth, not to the outside.  
The Hebrew letter associated with the Hanged Man is MEM - the Water from which all forms spring forth.   All images are reflected in water.  How clearly they are reflected depends upon the clarity and the stillness of the water.  
His hanging post is the Hebrew letter Tau, or TAV -the final letter in the Hebrew alphabet - meaning completeness. 
To look inward signifies the turning point,  as the turning inward begins the journey home.
​All this time, Home has always been within...

  • Esoteric Tarot Classes -  Fees available upon request
  • Spiritual counseling using Esoteric Tarot available in person and by phone

60 minute reading - suggested donation   $85.00
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30 minute reading  - suggested donation   $50.00
Archangel Michael is available to assist us. He tempers us as we eliminate what no longer serves us. The Temperance tarot card symbolizes that state of transformation. The Hebrew letter of Key 14 is Samek which mean to prop up, to sustain. The letter looks like a snake with its tail in its mouth..

Tarot is a map, a set of guideposts for humanity to refer to as they awaken to the awareness of their true identity.  

The twenty-two major arcana symbolize stages the human being passes through as they put forth into incarnation, are thrust further and further into the glamour that is immersion into matter and substance, and then, through growing awareness find their way back to the Light. The definition of the word glamour, as used here, is being shrouded by repeated sensation, value giving, label identification, and hereby disengaging from the experience of being. Another way of putting this is having the delusion that the illusion of separateness is real.